How it works

INSPECT2gether is the online solution to connect and create your trusting, collaborative  environment for Shared Auditing.

Before signing up for a Membership a Non-Disclosure and Service Level Agreement  needs to be signed between INSPECT2gether and the Manufacturer or Supplier. These documents should protect the Membership behavior and all  information involved in enabling Shared Auditing.

Under Members the different Membership types can be reviewed. Sign up as either a Manufacturer or Supplier. 

The Manufacturer is the Auditor and has the responsibility to audit the Supplier to be compliant and assure overall Quality, Safety and Efficacy of the finished product. The Supplier is the Auditee that supplies any kind of material or service, which is part of the manufacturing process of a finished product and where the Manufacturer is confirmed to be the license holder.

When the Membership is finalized the Member will be authorized to join the online platform, where the relevant potential Shared Audits can be reviewed and confirmed. Suppliers that are not an INSPECT2gether member can be invited, by the Manufacturer using the INSPECT2gether platform, to become a member.

The Supplier provides pro-actively an Audit date (Audit slot) and that date will be synchronized as the Shared Audit date.

The Manufacturer defines the Audit scope and the online platform will connect Manufacturers that have Shared Insights in Auditing the Supplier. Once the Shared Audit is confirmed INSPECT2gether will communicate to "blue inspection body" the Third party Auditing partner to organize the next steps in Audit performance, like the Audit plan etc.. "Defined Audits" will be maintained within the INSPECT2gether platform. The system will inform the Manufacturer automatically until the next Audit date, based on "Defined Audit" details that includes beside the Audit scope also the Audit frequency. This service will help to organize Audit requirements over time. Each "Defined Audit" including the future Audits will be tracked within the INSPECT2gether platform, decreasing your Membership limit. The Manufacturer can change or delete the "Defined Audit" details. Deleting "Defined Audits" results in discontinuation of matching for potential Shared Audits. 

Audit Planning details and Audit performance are not within scope of INSPECT2gether and will be taken offline by "blue inspection body" the Third party Auditing organisation. INSPECT2gether limits the scope of service in connecting the relevant parties, but is not involved or will not assist in organizing and performing the Audit. Benefits Shared Auditing, involved costs can be shared amongst the Manufacturers themselves. The Supplier is reducing cost supporting less customer audits and can focus on audit learnings and Corrective Actions to be implemented.

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