Background Why INSPECT2gether

Today’s market forces advances in the industry in medicine to continue and supply patients with affordable good quality medicine. On-going globalization increased regulations, influence how the industry needs to respond in reducing costs. INSPECT2gether creates an unique strength to effectively respond to these market and industry dynamics. Evolve and seek innovation for growth by collaboration, benchmarking and connect with relevant counterparts in the industry to create value to your supply chain.

Old school auditing

Auditing does involve a large quantity of cost at the Manufacturers. The complexity at the Supplier site is even higher to complete the required follow-up of all individual audits received. The Supplier receives each year audits from various Manufacturers for the same service and/or products. The majority of the audits do have similarities however there are also company specific requests that require follow-up which can be beyond the applicable regulatory guidance. Suppliers are highly put under pressure due to the number of actions to be implemented. To complete audit follow-up from different Manufacturers with different expectations at different time frames doesn’t help. As a result structured audit follow-up is impacted and sometimes impossible.

Everybody within the Healthcare industry is impacted – the Manufacturer, the Supplier and in the end the patient as well. This can be organized differently, this should be organized differently.

Innovative auditing for the good

Think different - Organize different!

When pharmaceutical Manufacturers use the same Supplier for the same raw material and/ or products, why not perform the audit together?
Saving time and costs for all stakeholders. Everybody wins!

For INSPECT2gether an important goal is contributing to affordable safe medication - always - for everyone and everywhere.
INSPECT2gether is not money driven but purpose driven.

How unique and state of art?

INSPECT2gether is unique because our approach is differently organized –  the on-line service platform connects Shared Audit insights and schedules in time.
We continuously search and connect pharmaceutical Manufacturers with Shared Audit insights. We connect with Suppliers who pro-actively provide Audit Slots. The Audit Slot will indicate when the manufactures can perform the shared audit.

Why will INSPECT2gether be a success

INSPECT2gether makes an continuous effort in extending their network to enable Shared Auditing.
A structured customized way of audit scheduling in time will decrease the number of audits to support & perform. Harmonized audit follow-up will lead to Quality improvement and leverage the required actions to be implemented.
Resulting in a significant time & cost reduction.
This is a “Win  Win” for both Manufacturer and Supplier!
Because of the tremendous benefit, stakeholders will help us by informing & involving their network.