About us

We innovate and create audit efficiency. We simplify audit-scheduling and enable Shared Auditing between Manufactures and Supplier. Our online service platform connects and communicates Shared Audit insights plus schedules the Audit in time.

INSPECT2gether is experienced in and passionate about the Healthcare Industry. We are knowledgeable - we understand your market and the need of those parties involved in the chain. We worked in likewise organizations and have been actively involved in auditing. We are collaborative & dedicated to make a difference and have a vision which we are glad to share. We strongly believe co-creation will lead the way to joint focus and maximization of added value.  Our focus is Pharmaceutical Life-sciences, Dietary Supplements and Medical Devices.

A structured customized way of audit scheduling in time will decrease the number of audits to support & perform. Harmonized audit follow-up will lead to Quality improvement and leverage the required actions to be implemented. Resulting in a significant time & cost reduction. This is a “Win  Win” for both Manufactures and Suppliers!

Membership costs are affordable for all stakeholders and will be a return of investment. We are genuine and want to contribute to do good for those who need the help of pharmaceuticals. Our aim is to reduce cost and stimulate affordable safe medication for every patient everywhere and always.

We’re friendly and belief that great partnerships require great relationships.

We are ambitious plus independent and believe that the whole industry should benefit from our service.